Photo of the Wolof of West Africa


Quick facts about the Wolof

  • Location: Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Gambia
  • Also Known As: Oulof, Yallof, Walaf, Volof, Waro-Waro
  • Status: Engaged by IMB
  • Population: 4,500,000
  • Primary Religion: Islam
  • Number of Christians: 70+
  • Language: Wolof and dialects (Baol, Cayor, Dyolof, Lebou, Jander)

  • The Wolof are the largest and one of the most influential peoples in Senegal.
  • There is more openness now among the Wolof to listen to the gospel than ever before.
  • The Wolof are deemed as resistant, but perhaps they have simply not heard in a manner that is conducive to them changing.
  • Tens of thousands of Wolof hear the gospel daily through radio, cassette tapes and personal visits. Most still have never heard.
Every minute of every day hundreds of Wolof head into eternity separated from God. Pray that the gospel message will be told from the mouths of believers, that ears will hear, and hearts will respond.

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The Wolof are an unreached people group located primarily in the Senegal – Gambia region of West Africa. They dominate the government and economy in both countries. Wolof have a strong allegiance to their African religious leaders called Marabouts. These leaders practice African Traditional Religion alongside Islam. Therefore, the Wolof are a folk Islamic people that have a reputation for being resistant to the gospel. Many mission groups enter work among them, but most are detoured because they find better conversion results with other people groups. Impact among the Wolof has been felt through various forms of evangelism such as prayer walking, cassette tape distributions, literature distribution and radio programs. The family persecutes those who come to Christ, which creates fear in other seekers. Almost everyone in Senegal and the Gambia speaks Wolof, regardless of their ethnicity. The percentage of ‘Wolof’ grows daily as less influential peoples become Wolof. 

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