Photo of the Sankaran of West Africa


Quick facts about the Sankaran

  • Location: Guinea
  • Status: NOT Engaged by IMB
  • Population: 62,000
  • Primary Religion: Folk Islam
  • Number of Christians: None
  • Language: Sankaran

  • Located in the Faranah region of Guinea in the villages of Bantun and Bendou
  • Translation work is in progress

Pray that the elders of the villages will remain open to hear the Gospel message. 

Give thanks for a recent witness among the Sankaran.  Pray for a church as they consider the possibility of becoming an Engaging Church among this people.

Learn more about the Sankaran!

The Sankaran live in a remote area of Guinea.  Many are bilingual in Maninka, which has resources available.  An Engaging Church could partner with a Yalunka church which is about 25 miles away or with a Maninka church in Faranah.  Some of the elders in the village remember when a missionary was in the area and the Bible stories he told.  They commented that they would like to have someone come and share the stories again.

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