Photo of the Dafing of West Africa


Quick facts about the Dafing

  • Location: Mali
  • Also Known As: Dafin
  • Status: NOT Engaged by IMB
  • Population: 25,000
  • Primary Religion: Islam mixed with African Traditional Religion
  • Number of Christians: 15
  • Language: Dafin

  • Marka is the name used for those who follow African Traditional Religion
  • Dafin is the name used for those who follow Islam
  • Located in the Segou and Mopti regions of Mali
  • The Marka work with their hands making rope and cloth
  • They farm peanuts and millet.

Give thanks to the Lord for calling a church to engage the Dafin with the Gospel.  They took a vision trip among them in January and are planning to return in March.  Pray that God would call out more from the church to participate in this task.

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The Marka live in an area of Mali that is almost inaccessible during the rainy season from June to October.  Though there are a few churches in the area where the Marka live, most of the worship is in the Bambara language, which some of the Marka speak.  There are a some Scripture portions available in Marka as well as Gospel Recordings.

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