People Groups of West Africa
A West African WomanWest Africa is diverse, home to more than 1,600 people groups who all have unique ethnic identities. While this site doesn’t list all of West Africa’s people groups, we’ve included high priority people groups in need of the Gospel.

Unengaged People Groups

More than 300 people groups in West Africa are considered unreached and unengaged. Among these people, little or no evangelism and church planting activity is being done by any Christian organization. Many have populations of less than 100,000, and it is unlikely that full-time missionaries will ever live among them. These "micro peoples" will remain unreached unless churches like yours commit to become an Engaging Church to reach them with the Gospel.

Engaged People Groups

About 40 West African people groups have IMB missionaries working among them. A few more have Engaging Churches. They are considered unreached people groups because less than 2% of the population is Christian. Although they are unreached, we consider them engaged people groups because there is work among them dedicated to starting a church planting movement. Churches and individual workers are needed to partner with these missionaries.

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