Go West Africa MagazineMinistering_to_the_Tuareg

The first edition of our Go West Africa magazine is full of colorful photos and insightful stories covering our mission work in this region. If you didn't get on the mailing list, you can order a free copy.

If the magazine left you wanting more, we've compiled some online bonus material so you can learn more about the people and places you first saw on the pages of Go West Africa's Extreme edition.

Extreme Lifestyle

Find out more about the OneStory oral Bible projects, and watch West Africa's OneStory workers in action on video.

Extreme Commitment

Are you ready to fill the testosterone void in West Africa? This region needs more men to come serve among the hundreds of people groups that are still unreached. Check out our job requests for males (or married couples) only: Long-term, Short-term.

Extreme Sacrifice

Haber_disciples_believerCorporate Convert

The Habers' story of transformation began long before Stephen started his corporate career. Elaine was a Jew from Brooklyn, and Stephen was a Catholic schoolboy. As highschoolers God drew them to each other -- and to Himself. Watch them describe their journey to missionary service in this video.

Fulani Believers

The Fulani believers of northern Nigeria are thriving under persecution. Use the following links to find out more about the different types of Fulani, or Fulbe, people living in this area: Kano Katsina Fulbe, Sokoto Fulani and Western Fulani.

Extreme Challenge

A couple has taken on the tough task of working among the Jahanka people -- prestigious teachers of Islam in West Africa. Here's how you can pray for them.